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What is this "Sceneomatic" anyway?

Let me tell you a little story about a mom. Before she was a mom, she made websites. Before she made websites she made photographs. That photographer, web developer, mama is me, Jessica Engelking. A long long time ago, (in August) another mom from the little's school told me about a fundraiser she was creating. It was to be a magical night of drinking, and feasting, and general merriment. But she wanted a photo booth and I quickly told her "I can do that!"




  • What is Sceneomatic? +

    We automatically make the party a scene. We bring the booth and you bring the personality—together you'll have memories that last a lifetime!
  • What is different about Sceneomatic? +

    Our setup is just like a small photo studio that can travel anywhere (that is close to an electrical outlet)! The idea is that your guests have more space to get creative, you can have more guests join the pictures and it's wheelchair accessible too! We use high quality DSLR cameras, LCD screens with Live View posing, and studio lighting. This makes our photo quality much higher than the old school photo booth you may remember.
  • How long does it take to set up? +

    We will be there an hour before the event to set up our mini studio and about an hour after the event. You will not be charged for set up and tear down. You only get charged for the amount of time you're using the booth!
  • How much room do you need for the booth? +

    The best scenario gives us 8ft x 10ft of space to set up our backdrop stands and lighting however we have about 2ft of wiggle room in either direction.
  • Can I customize the logo on the photos? +

    Yes! We want your photo strips or postcards to match the theme of your event perfectly. We can give you our template so that you can create your own design or we are happy to create something for you.
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